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To install the full edition or the regular edition of Smile, go to the Download Smile section and follow these instructions:
  • Usually, when the download is complete, an image disk should automatically mount in a new Finder window. If no image disk mounts, double-click the file that you downloaded.
  • The image disk contains one file, the Installer package. Double-click that file: this will launch Smile's Installer.
  • Follow the instructions in the Installer. When the installation is complete, the Installer states that you should restart. Actually restarting is required only if you did not quit all applications before installing (for instance, you have background applications still running). Otherwise, feel free to quit the Installer rather than clicking Restart.
Free and licensed software
Smile regular edition is free. Using the SmileLab features for data visualization (available only in Smile full edition) or Smile over IP features for handling remote communications requires a paid registration.
You can consult our pricing and licensing terms.

Having all Smile full edition's features work consists exactly in:
  1. installing Smile full edition,
  2. registering SmileLab and/or Smile Server.
If you download the full edition of Smile and you do not register, all Smile's features will work normally except that the SmileLab Suite will work in demo mode only: when you save or print a graph, the data visualization objects (curves etc.) will be left blank.
  • You can purchase the licenses in Smile: select Register in the Smile menu, then click the Register online button and follow the instructions. If you buy a license this way, the registration number will be automatically set.
  • You can also purchase a license on Kagi website at one of the following purchase page: SmileLab license, SmileLab academic license or Smile Server license. Within few minutes once your payment acknowledged you will receive your registration code(s) at the email address you have provided to Kagi. Then enter the registration number with the Smile ▸ Register menu item.
  • Academic licenses apply only if the use of the software is involved in a teaching process or in a public research process.
  • If for some reason you would prefer to purchase directly from us, please send email to (organizations only.)
  • We can provide Site licenses. For more info, please send email to .
  • If you want to test Smile, you can ask for a time-limited free trial license, valid 2 months, on a one per e-mail address basis, at this page.
  • Students can request a free trial license for SmileLab valid until June's last day at this page.

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