Xcode sample projects/Read me, April 2006

Preliminary note


Smile 3.1.x installs two template projects and one Satimage includes folder into /Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/Project Templates/Satimage Sample Projects/. Furthermore, an Xcode sample projects folder containing four sample projects is provided in the /Applications/Smile/ folder. All of those sample projects require the Satimage includes folder.

When creating a new project (menu File > New Project in Xcode), you can choose the Satimage Sample Projects/SampleOsax template. The files relative to the project will be copied into your new project, and the new project will use the shared Satimage includes folder.

Four additionnal sample projects are also provided with the installer, in the /Applications/Smile/ folder. They are named SampleOsax, SampleApp, SampleAppFortran77 and ThreadedApp.

Where needed each of the sample source files includes comments which explain what you have to do in order to customize the sample for your purposes.
You can find more information about scripting definitions:


Satimage includes

You should not have to bring changes to the files in that folder.

SampleOsax SampleApp SampleAppFortran77 ThreadedApp


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