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Preliminary note


The XMLLib osax is a Scripting Addition, i.e. a plug-in for AppleScript. XMLLib osax implements the XML DOM in AppleScript. Features offered by the XMLLib osax include:

Whenever this makes sense XMLLib carries references rather than explicit data, so your script will be able to process arbitrarily large XML documents virtually as fast as if you had been writing a C program - yet, in a more comfortable environment.

XMLLib osax also includes a similar set of commands to work with Property lists (p-lists). You can transparently store AppleScript objects in p-lists. XMLLib's p-list commands provide a fast lookup table (or "dictionary", or "associative array") structure.

Users of Smile: you can use Smile as your XML editor, provided you work with Unicode files: UTF-8 (recommended) or UTF-16 files. Smile opens such XML files in Unicode windows. In Unicode windows, pressing Enter (⌅) checks the xml syntax, and pressing cmd-Enter (⌘⌅) validates the document with respect to its DTD.


The documentation for XMLLib's commands is available on the Web, it's really one chapter of the documentation of Smile:

Users of Smile: the documentation for XMLLib's commands is in your machine. To open it, select Help > Smile help and visit the Table of contents. Or, in Smile, select a word of the XML Suite, for instance XMLOpen, then pull down the contextual menu (ctrl-click.)

Technical support and feedback

Distribution and property

This software is distributed by Satimage-software on a feedbackware basis. Before using it you must agree with the licensing terms for our free software.

In short, these terms specify that you owe us your feedback, and that you can integrate this software in a product or yours provided you state clearly enough that you are doing so.


A sincere thank is extended to those who reported bugs, offered suggestions, or collaborated with us at any level. A particular coup de chapeau to the members of SUL, whose feedback boosted the public release of the osax.


In no event will Satimage-software be liable for any consequences of the use or of the lack of use of this software.

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