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Smile defines some commands to handle PDF files. For more info on those commands, please consult Smile's dictionary (in the Smile menu).
  • You can save a graphic window in a PDF file by script using save w in file theFile, where w is a reference to the graphic window, and where theFile is a path file ending with the extension .pdf.
  • You can print PDF files with the print command, with or without displaying a print dialog.
  • You can count the number of pages of a PDF file with the count pages command.
  • You can insert some pages of a PDF file into another PDF file with the insert pdf command.

  • You can get the boxes (the mediabox, the bleedbox, the trimbox and the artbox) of a specified page of a PDF file with the pdf boxes command.
  • You can add a PDF file or a PDF record (a string that may be the result of a BeginPDF ... EndPDF() call) to the content of a PDF layer of a graphic window or view (corresponding to its front pdf or back pdf property) using the addPDF command.
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