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Purchasing an academic license
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Academic licenses only apply to SmileLab licenses.

  • If the use of the software is involved in a teaching process, academic licenses apply.
    • Users on the teaching side (typically, a teacher, or someone involved in preparing teaching material) may use a teacher's license.

      The price for one teacher's license is USD 349.
      The price for a pack of 5 teacher's licenses is USD 1390.
    • Users on the learning side (typically, a student) may use a student's license.

      The price for one student's license is USD 70. That license is limited to a period of one year.
      Various packs of student's licenses are available, as presented below.
      student's licenses in the packprice of the packprice per license
      5USD 300USD 60
      10USD 520USD 52
      20USD 900USD 45
      40USD 1600USD 40
      80USD 2800USD 35
  • To purchase an academic license, please send an email to .
    We will send you a temporary license, until we receive your purchase.
  • In your email:
    1. please specify if you are purchasing teacher's license(s) or student's license(s),
    2. attach any document which evidences your having an academic (teaching or learning) activity and which specifies in what organization you are having that activity. Make clear, either in the document or in the email, that the license concerned is to be used to serve that activity.

      For instance, you are purchasing an individual student's license: ask your professor a paper where we can recognize your university, and where he states that you are presently studying in his class.
      If that's easier for you you can send the document by fax to 0033-14615-9299 instead of sending it in the email.

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